As of 22nd April 2022, Musicians Foundation has been granted charity status and exemption from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

自2022 年 4 月 22 日起,香港政府授予Musicians Foundation屬公共性質的慈善機構,並可根據《税務條例》第 88 條獲豁免繳税。

(Presentation in English)

The uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic has made it exceedingly difficult for the music industry, particularly live music. Indefinite restrictions have taken a heavy toll on the mental health of not only the artists, but also the thousands of people who work alongside them.

On 20th August 2022, we will be conducting an afternoon of TedX-style talks focusing on raising awareness on music and mental health. We will have:

• Devastated musicians sharing their stories
• Shirralee from Positive Wellbeing will give a presentation on how music and mental health are intricately linked and strategies for mental health.
• Mini concert(s) if live performance are permitted

Musicians give so much to our community on so many levels, and we want to give back to them in their time of need. We want Hong Kong musicians to thrive not just survive.

Please help us support Hong Kong’s live music personnel and revive our music industry.

Saturday 20th August 2022
The Wanch, 1/F, Henan Building, 90 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai
3pm - 5pm
Free entry, please make a reservation due to limited seating.
+852 9486 4648

( 以英文主持)

2019冠狀病毒病帶來的不確定性使音樂產業變得極其困難 ,尤其是對現場音樂來說。無限期的限制不僅嚴重影響了音樂家,甚至影響了與他們一起工作的數以千計的人的心理健康。

我們將於2022 年 8 月 20 日下午以TedX 形式進行講座,旨在提高人們對音樂和心理健康的認知。 我們將有:

• 身心交瘁的音樂家分享他們的故事
• 來自Positive Wellbeing的Shirralee將就音樂與心理健康之間存在複雜的聯繫,以及心理健康的策略進行演講。
• 迷你音樂會(如允許)

音樂家在很多層面上為我們的社區付出了很多,因此我們希望在他們患難時回饋他們。 我們希望香港音樂家能富裕,並不只是生存。


2022年 8 月 20 日 星期六
The Wanch, 灣仔謝斐道90號豫港大廈1樓
下午3 – 下午5pm
+852 9486 4648

Background 背景資料

Our founding member, Christine Bowers (aka Chris B), has been organising and running live music events in Hong Kong since 2004, over 350 events during the past 17 years with her company The Underground Limited.

我們的創辦人,Christine Bowers(亦名為Chris B),自2004年起已致力策劃及籌辦香港的現場音樂活動。在過去的17年間,她以其公司之名The Underground Limited舉辦了超過350項活動。

In August 2020, she undertook a survey to find out how many professional musicians were suffering due to Covid-19. The one week survey (646 people participated) revealed that 62% of them were full-time musicians and 82% of them had been in that career for more than 5 years. Over 7% of these musicians had become homeless or were in the process of being evicted.


This led to numerous emails and phone calls to Legislative Councilors and face-to-face meetings.  The last meeting was with Mr Casper Tsui, Secretary for Home Affairs. All these meetings highlighted how professional musicians have no official representation or body in Hong Kong.


Upon researching the situation in other countries, it became clear that a non-profit focused on helping musicians during difficult times would be beneficial to the community and offer relief to career musicians.


Founding Directors

Adrian Fu

Adrian Fu is a corporate marketing executive, recording artist, songwriter/producer and content…

Eric Tan

Eric Tan, a 20 years+ Entertainment Industry Veteran who specializes in business…

Founding Members

Chris B.

Chris B is the founder of The Underground HK and Mellow Yellow…

Sunil Khiatani

Software developer by day, concertgoer by night. Sunil is also known as…

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