Eric Tan

Eric Tan, a 20 years+ Entertainment Industry Veteran who specializes in business development, partnerships and start-up communities

Eric Tan has been involved in the music and entertainment industry all his life. Having started his career with Warner Music UK, Eric went on to executive positions at Universal Music, Gameloft, Electronic Arts and most recently as General Manager, Digital & Business Development for Sony Music China as well as co-founder of Hollywood studios backed mobile game company ‘Fifth Journey’.
Eric is also a contemporary singer-songwriter and virtuosic guitarist under the artist moniker, Mr Nice Guy.
As a strong advocate of community building and partnerships, he is also working with both local and international artists to build an online community for developing and independent artists through his livestream radio series, Music United Asia.

‘’Eric Tan,在娛樂行業擁有20多年的資深經驗,專業為幫助發展公司業務,合夥企業,以及新興產業。’’

Eric Tan一生都致力參與音樂與娛樂產業。他的事業開展於Warner Music UK,Eric曾在環球唱片、智樂、藝電裏擔任行政階層,在近期更身兼中國索尼音樂娛樂的總經理位置,協助數碼電子商務的開發。不但如此,他亦是受荷里活影城所支持的手機遊戲公司Fifth Journey的創辦人之一。

Eric同時是一位現代唱作人和技術精湛的吉他手,以Mr Nice Guy作藝名活動。
作為一向致力凝聚社會團結的人士,他亦與本地以及國際化的藝人一同合作建立線上社群,透過他的電台直播系列Music United Asia去推動發展中的獨立藝人們。