Vision 願景

About Musicians Foundation
Empowering Musicians, Inspiring Communities
Join us at Musicians Foundation, a dynamic organization established during Covid to make a difference in the lives of musicians and our communities. We’re on a mission to raise awareness of mental well-being, ensure fair payment for performers, and create opportunities for everyone to enjoy live performances. Together, we can make a positive impact and support the vibrant world of music.



Vision 願景

We want Hong Kong musicians to thrive not just survive. Our aim is to support and empower them while they are struggling financially and mentally.

Mission 宗旨

We are dedicated to supporting and finding opportunities for local musicians to continue their music careers through times of crisis.

Why are we doing this? 成立原因

Live music bans have been in place for more than a year and there’s been no Government support for professional musicians – meaning they have no means of income. Musicians give so much to our community on so many levels, and we want to give back to them in their time of need.

Objectives 目標

The objects for which the Musicians Foundation is established are: –

To relieve poverty and financial hardship of individuals in the society including but not limited to musicians who are facing poverty through the use of but not limited to financial assistance.

To promote music education by formulating and preparing schemes for and establishing and taking all necessary steps for the education, promotion, maintenance, improvement and advancement of the interest of the public in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the development of music in its various related forms of art, whether educational, cultural, classical, modern or contemporary.

To present, produce, manage, conduct and represent at any theatre or place of performance, public or private, covered or open-air, such works and activities as the Musicians Foundation may from time to time think fit.

To organize the production, management, display, performance and presentation of such works and activities in relation to music education.

To produce or present works and activities in relation to music education in collaboration with any organizations and institutions and to enter into any arrangements for the management, conduct, control and carrying on of such publication or production, and for the supply of works, activities, and related materials and services connected therewith.

For advancement of physical health and mental health for the benefit of the Hong Kong community, to organize charitable activities that promote the physical and mental health of members of the public

Activities 活動

We plan to regularly host live music events showcasing the very musicians we want to help.
We plan to secure office space and volunteer staff.
We will contact corporations and institutions for Corporate Sponsorship.
We will pursue funding possibilities through corporate donations and philanthropy.
We will seek donations from individuals and companies.
We will locate and support musicians who are homeless or currently being evicted.