Get Help 尋求協助

The COVID-19 pandemic has created intense financial hardship for professional musicians in Hong Kong. Many of you were the first to lose your jobs and your income and could well be the last to recover.

Eligibility 合資格條件

To be eligible for a Financial Relief Grant, you must:

  • be a Hong Kong permanent resident
  • prove that you have been working in the Hong Kong music industry for at least five years
  • provide names and details of two professional referees
  • have household expenses which are greater than your household income.


  • 是一名香港永久性居民
  • 証明你曾在香港從事音樂產業至少五年或以上的時間
  • 提供兩名專業推薦人的姓名及其詳細資料
  • 家庭開支比你的家庭收入更大

There is no deadline to apply, however, we encourage those experiencing hardship to submit your application as soon as possible.  We will then contact you to discuss your application.

We provide financial support in the areas of rent/mortgage, food, utilities, medical equipment and other expenses. We may also offer support that is not financial or refer you to other services.


我們的財政援助範圍包括在租金/ 貸款上、食物上、設備上、醫療用品上,以及其他各種開支等。我們亦會提供一些非金錢上的幫助,或轉介你予其他服務範疇。

Things to Know 須知事項

These grants are not competitive. They are available to everyone who meets our criteria.
You can be receiving CSSA Benefits and still meet our criteria.
You can apply even if you are a registered small business. We won’t fund your business but we will provide support for household expenses.
We only contact your referees if we need to verify that you work professionally in music. We will not disclose any information about your application.
Please don’t be embarrassed to apply for relief. We are living in unprecedented times and everyone recognises the devastating impact of the pandemic on the live music industry.
If you need support, we are here to help.