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Musicians Foundation research shows the Government’s shutdown of live entertainment for
over 18 months has left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt.
New survey reveals over half of local music industry workers have suffered from anxiety and

More than 560 days of being unable to work because of restrictions on live performances has
left one-third of Hong Kong music industry personnel in debt and over half suffering from
anxiety and depression, according to a survey from the Musicians Foundation.

The registered charity, which was set up to provide relief for those in the music industry who
have suffered setbacks or health issues, also revealed that around one-third of music industry
workers have left Hong Kong or want to leave due to ongoing Covid restrictions affecting
their careers.

The charity says that, over the past two years, the enforced closure of music venues and
restrictions on live performances has added up to over 560 days, during which musicians and
industry support personnel, such as sound and lighting technicians, stage managers,
instrument rental providers and venue staff, were unable to earn a living.

Prior to the pandemic, the music industry in Hong Kong had already experienced severe
disruption due to the social unrest in late 2019, which led to many events being cancelled or
postponed. Therefore, many people had already been forced to tap into their savings to
survive before the pandemic began. For many, Covid-19 was the final straw.

Founder of Musicians Foundation and leading local alternative music promoter Chris B said:
“We are raising awareness of just how severely the ongoing Covid-19 social distancing
requirements have impacted the lives of people in our local music industry. Numerous jobs
and careers have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19.”

“Despite the Hong Kong Government rolling out various support schemes, including
Temporary Unemployment Relief (TUR), only a select few have received support. Missing
out on previous support schemes has caused people to lose faith and give up.”

She added: “Music industry people contribute hugely to Hong Kong’s status as a world-class
center of arts and culture. If we lose more key creative people as these restrictions continue, a
very valuable part of Hong Kong’s arts sector will disappear, making it even harder to reboot
the economy and reignite the cultural buzz that gives Hong Kong its special character.”

“We’re asking the Hong Kong Government to consider more carefully the detrimental impact
of these social distancing measures on the arts and culture sector and the Hong Kongers
whose livelihoods depend on it. There are no objective criteria to justify singling out live
performances for restrictions when other activities are being allowed. Safeguards already
exist to provide sufficient protection and reassurance for both the performers and the

audience: relevant venues are already subject to capacity limitations and are using the
LeaveHomeSafe app to confirm everyone is fully vaccinated. The requirement, that
performers must either wear masks or take daily Rapid Antigen Tests, could apply in the
same way as implemented at Government venues such as theatres.”

About the Survey

The Musicians Foundation survey was conducted over ten days in the month of June 2022
and 465 people responded:

  • 92% are Hong Kong permanent residents.
  • 63% of people are under the age of 45.
  • 53% were full-time in the music industry (before 2020).
  • 66% worked for more than 10 years in the music industry (before 2020).
  • 3% of people are currently being evicted and 2% have become homeless.
  • 11% of people have left Hong Kong due to the Covid restrictions and another 24% want to
  • leave.
  • 34% of people have incurred debt with 10% owing more than HK$100,000.
  • 15% of people developed health issues in the last 12 months.
  • 56% of people have suffered anxiety and depression in the last 12 months.
  • 11% of people have had suicidal thoughts in the last 12 months.

The data laid out graphically is available here.

About the Musicians Foundation

Musicians Foundation Limited 音樂人基金會有限公司is a charitable institution of a public
character exempt from tax under s.88 of the IRO.

Musicians Foundation was set up by a group of music industry leaders to relieve poverty and
financial hardship and enable Hong Kong musicians to continue their careers in Hong Kong
in the face of the unprecedented global pandemic.

Musicians Foundation aims to help provide paid work opportunities wherever possible, by
hosting live music events and pursuing funding possibilities through corporate donations,
sponsorship and philanthropy. It also aims to organize charitable activities that promote the
physical and mental health of the public for the benefit of the Hong Kong community.

音樂人基金會的問卷調查顯示,政府關閉現場表演超過 18 個月,有三分之一的香港音樂行業

根據音樂人基金會的一項調查指出,由於現場表演受到限制,超過 560 天無法運作,導致三分


慈善機構表示,在過去兩年中,音樂場所強制關閉和現場表演限制加起來超過 560 天,在此期

在新冠大流行之前,香港音樂業已因 2019 年底的社會動盪而遭受嚴重打擊,導致許多活動被
說,Covid-19 成為了最致命的一擊,已經忍無可忍了。

音樂人基金會的創始人和領導本地另類音樂推廣者 Chris B 說:「我們正在提高人們對持續的
Covid-19 社會距離限制措施下怎樣嚴重影響本地音樂行業人員生活的意識。許多工作和職業都
嚴重地受到了 Covid-19 的影響。」





音樂人基金會於 2022 年 6 月進行了為期十天的問卷調查,共獲 465 人回覆:

63%受訪者的年齡在 45 歲以下。
53% 從事工作狀態為全職(2020 年之前)。
66% 受訪者在音樂行業工作了10 年以上(2020 年之前)。
目前有 3% 受訪者被驅逐住處,2% 受訪者無家可歸。
由於新冠疫情的限制,11% 受訪者離開了香港,另有24% 受訪者想離港。
34% 受訪者有欠債,其中 10% 受訪者欠債超過 100,000 港元。
15% 受訪者在過去 12 個月內出現健康問題。
在過去的 12 個月內,56% 受訪者受焦慮和抑鬱困擾。
11% 受訪者在過去 12 個月內有自殺念頭。



Musicians Foundation Limited 音樂人基金會有限公司是一間屬公共性質的慈善機構,可根據 IRO
第 88 條獲稅務豁免。